Saturday, September 15, 2007

home alone

J's going back to work and I have been really worried about what it would be like here without him around to help me. He was off work for a little more than six weeks and that is a lot more than most people get. It was so nice to have him here. And of course, not just because he did everything besides breastfeed.

A few times I did actually pump so he could do the early morning feeding when I was dead tired and frustrated. I probably only did it 5-7 times though. I really should be building a milk bank. It was recommended to me to not start pumping until at least four weeks in to establish a really solid milk supply and to allow Diego to develop a really strong suck. He had no problems there, he was good from the moment he was born. But I followed lactation consultant's orders just in case. I sure didn't want any problems.

So far it has been okay here alone with Diego. We are surviving. It is sad though. But we nap a lot so it goes by pretty fast. When J was here all day with us, I didn't nap as much because I didn't want to miss out on this rare and special time together. In fact, it was hard for either of us to shut our eyes at night because it meant the end of one more day. Once we passed the halfway point, it became a dreadful countdown. We tried not to dwell on it so much that it impeded our enjoyment.

It is so cute to see Diego recognize his Daddy when he comes home from work. Very sweet. He tends to get fussy around three o'clock and J gets back a little after four most days. So it is great to see him forget to fuss when he hears Daddy's voice. He soon remembers and gets back on track though. His train of thought isn't easy to derail.

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