Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thunder Wasp

So this April we have broken records for rainfall. It has been thunderstorms everyday now for I have no idea how long. Diego has developed a thunder phobia. He has taken to waking me up every few hours crying about thunder. The kicker is that he is doing it regardless of the fact that there was no thunder or even any rain at all! I don't know if he is dreaming of thunder or just anticipating thunder or hearing a plane. What I do know is that I can't take much more of this!

So the only good thing about rain (as far as Diego is concerned) is that the wasps don't come out in the rain. This summer promises to be very fun since now Diego is hysterically afraid of our plenitude of wasps. I have no love for the wasps either. I blame myself for my squealing over the bumblebee invasion last summer. But this is very troubling because he will not tolerate them at all. He will scream his head off until we go back inside.

What to do?

Monday, April 18, 2011

VV speaks

I haven't kept up with this journal. I really need to try harder! Yesterday, we bought our annual parking pass for Hamilton County Parks. We started out heading for Parky's Farm but it was overcrowded with events and we headed for the Lake instead. We looked at geese and ducks and checked out the boat rental area.

It was a bit too windy and Violet's hat almost blew away. I had to chase it down the street like a fool!

Then we let the kids play on the playground which was also very crowded. I got to listen to a young mother scold her child vehemently for acting like a girl. It was heartbreaking. After humiliating him, she let him continue playing. Then she decided to make a loud call on her cell phone to bad mouth him some more to some other party (and everyone on the playground). I fantasized about having a word with her.

Speaking of words...

Violet says a lot of new words. Some probably nobody but me would understand.

more (this she accompanies with sign language and is terribly cute and effective)