Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Diego started playing peekaboo today. I gave him a towel to play with and he started covering his face with it and taking it away. He did it over and over and over again. We laughed and laughed. It was fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dancing Boy

Diego has been dancing for quite awhile but in the last couple of weeks or so has really kicked it up a notch. He loves to move to the music and will even do it when we sing to him.

He's become a master at the pincer grip. He believes anytime is a good time for Cheerios! He also has become obsessed with ripping my glasses off my face and he's a pro. Sometimes I don't even see it coming. I guess it is time to put in my contacts.

He visited his Great Uncle Mike a couple of weeks ago. We drove up to Temecula to meet Mike and GeorgeAnn at Thornton's Winery. Mike treated us to a fine meal and we hung out for about 3 hours, I think. It was fun.

Diego wasn't his usual friendly self and fussed a lot.

We are moving to Ohio at the end of this month and Diego won't let me pack. So far, I have nothing really packed and I am about to flip my lid. Too much stress.