Saturday, April 20, 2013

With the popularity of Facebook increasing, I have let this blog go. It is a shame. Yesterday, Jason chaperoned a field trip to Glenwood Gardens with the SCPA kindergartners. Ms. Hicks and Jason in charge of Diego's class because no other parents volunteered. The weather was chilly and rainy. Here he is with his buddy Shamar. This is the youngest kid in class, I think. He asked me how I know how to speak English when we first met at first parent teacher conference last fall. HA!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Potty Training and Preschool

Diego has been doing very well at Winton Montessori Preschool. His teacher's name in Ms. Ann Marie Kafoure. They call her Ms. K. Her assistant's name is Miss Ashley Johns. Diego has a few friends that he mentions now and then. Carolina is his most consistently talked about friend.

Diego was granted a spot at SCPA for Kindergarten next year. We were able to enter a lottery in the hopes of getting a spot at the most sought after magnet schools because his assigned neighborhood school has a failing grade on the Ohio report card. Carolina is going to SCPA next year, too. Jason and I are discussing the possibility of getting them in the same class to make his transition easier for him. I don't know if they do such things.

Violet is showing growing interest in potty training. She removes her clothing and diaper so often that it causes us agitation. Mostly because she has been known to pee on the floor or on the furniture! More often she is getting it in the potty. She has even been using the potty for more weighty movements, which is always a thrill.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Violet knows her colors

I have been suspecting that Violet knows her colors most of the time. She has been using the soy rock crayons everyday for over a week. Jason brought home a couple of boxes of these soy crayons that were on clearance at Whole Foods.

Just now, Violet held up a purple marker that we found on the floor and said "Purple!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Driving with no destination

We had a rough morning. Tantrums galore! Heading off to the store with a bossy and chanting Diego had us all in a tizzy. We passed by the store due to the fact that the entire ride was filled with angst. Kept driving with no aim along Harrison all the way to Miamitown. We found Whitewater Forest. What a find! We ended up on a pedal boat on the lake. That was super cool because that morning, faced with what was looking to be another outrageously beautiful day, I suggested we go out to Winton Woods and rent a rowboat. After nixing that idea due to poor attitude of resident four year old, we ended up accidentally getting out on a lake anyway. Was super fun, even if rife with more attitude and bossiness. We powered through it. Violet's hat blew off into the water and I was so upset but it resurfaced and we rescued it from the deep. Success. We didn't have our camera - fail! Just one cell phone pic was made from the day.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trip to Martins Ferry

Jason took Diego to MF after work on Saturday. He was home by Sunday afternoon. Violet and I spent some time at Jo's on Sunday afternoon. We picked up some breakfast at Bob Evans and then hung out a Jo's for a few hours. So nice. The weather has been really nice. Breezy with no humidity. Perfect. Ecstasy inducing weather. Making me grin from ear to ear.

Violet liked having one on one time with me while Daddy and Diego were visiting Grandma. Nicole and Dave were there with the girls so it was a house full. Nicole is expecting another child in January (I think).

Friday, August 12, 2011

Four Year Check Up

Diego had his four year check up with ESD pediatrics. They did an eye test and a hearing test, which he passed. It was pretty adorable watching him cover up one eye and read the eye chart. They used pictures instead of letters. It was especially cute to watch him raise his hand when he would hear the noise in the earphones. They did the blood pressure cuff and it squeezed his arm and he looked at me like what is this? It was such a big boy event. He's 40.5 inches tall.

After that we walked over to Busken headquarters to stare at the goodies. We got some milk and a couple of doughnuts and ate at the tables in the parking lot. Very beautiful weather. That kind of weather makes me want to stay outside all day. So we went over to Aunt Deb's for an impromptu visit. The kids played really well together. Violet was really into the sidewalk chalk, drawing all over the porch. Brian can draw a really good looking sun.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventures on the River

Thursday is Jason's usual day off so we always try to do something fun. Last week we went to Eden Park to watch a free Jazz concert and play by the fountain. We had a good time but we were out pretty late.

This time we started out the afternoon with a drive down to Covington to use a groupon at some bar and grill. We missed our exit and had to drive around and around to get back on 75S at the right point to get it again. When we finally made it we were so hungry and cranky. This was especially exciting because upon arrival we noticed the place was 18 and up so we couldn't use our groupon and had to spring for lunch at Cock and Bull English Pub where we ate awesome fish and chips.

After that we went home and had naps and chilled out. Later, I decided to skip yoga because of my head cold and inability to invert without excruciating sinus pain. Wanting exercise we decided to check head out to KY again. We parked at Newport on the Levee and walked across the Purple People Bridge. Then we played at International Friendship Park and Serpentine Wall. Diego had a couple of meltdowns that were pretty trying. But we had fun in between. It was fun to be under the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (Big Mac Bridge) at the neat playground they have there. I talked to another mother for a bit while Violet and her son were swinging in the baby swings. She was nice.

Diego had a freakout in the Sweet Shoppe we stopped in at the Levee. It was embarrassing to have a kid bossing for more candy while he was holding a bag of candy. He kept saying that there wasn't enough in the bag. He did the old screaming and wailing and I had to play mean mommy and regulate. He has a real issue with sugar. I can't even count the tantrums he's had while holding a special treat. But he turned it around and we had a nice ride home.