Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Driving with no destination

We had a rough morning. Tantrums galore! Heading off to the store with a bossy and chanting Diego had us all in a tizzy. We passed by the store due to the fact that the entire ride was filled with angst. Kept driving with no aim along Harrison all the way to Miamitown. We found Whitewater Forest. What a find! We ended up on a pedal boat on the lake. That was super cool because that morning, faced with what was looking to be another outrageously beautiful day, I suggested we go out to Winton Woods and rent a rowboat. After nixing that idea due to poor attitude of resident four year old, we ended up accidentally getting out on a lake anyway. Was super fun, even if rife with more attitude and bossiness. We powered through it. Violet's hat blew off into the water and I was so upset but it resurfaced and we rescued it from the deep. Success. We didn't have our camera - fail! Just one cell phone pic was made from the day.

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