Friday, June 20, 2008

walking baby

Wednesday, June 18th Diego took multiple steps across the living room. For months he's been taking one step and then sitting down. Sometimes one and a half steps or even two but this time he walked! He was so proud and he kept practicing on and off for the rest of the day and he even did some yesterday. Gotta get it on video because it is so cute. It looks like he is walking a high wire or something because of the way he throws his arms out beside him to balance.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been a long time!

Well, we are all moved in at our new place and finally got our computer hooked up to the internet. I feel like a normal human again. It has been weird not being able to document Diego's progress like I had been doing! I don't have nearly enough pictures and videos of what has been an absolute crazy time!

Diego has changed so much. He has seven teeth now. His fifth tooth was the top left (his left) from his two front teeth. I don't know what that is called but I know they all have names. We can call it Mr. Fif. Well, Mr. Fif broke through on May 9th. At least, that is when I felt it. I saw it was white under the gum for awhile before that. I remember that date only because it was the same day as my colonoscopy. And the day I couldn't nurse him because of the drugs they gave me. It was a bad bad day. Then the sixth one broke through very soon after, within days. I was pretty sick then so I really lost track of all time and could barely function so that is a shame I didn't write it down.

Now he has a seventh which is the top right (his right)! I felt that one pop through on 6/8 but that one has been swelling and bothering him for almost a month.

Diego has been meeting lots of family. He met his cousin Brian and seems to really like him even though Brian mows him over pretty easily. Diego is easy going about it. He loves everyone just about. He didn't seem to like his Uncle Brian very much but I think it is just because he scared him by making a scary noise and a weird face and then picked him up all within moments of entering his home for the first time and flying across the country for the first time. Too many first things in a short time. Diego needs a minute to get situated is all.

Diego is a dancing fool now. He will move to almost any groove. He loves restaurants and flirts with everyone in his view. He gets fussy if people don't stop and say hello to him but that is okay because they almost always do.

We noticed that he is finally signing for food. How awesome is that!??

I will have to close for now because he needs a little diaper change.