Saturday, November 5, 2011

Potty Training and Preschool

Diego has been doing very well at Winton Montessori Preschool. His teacher's name in Ms. Ann Marie Kafoure. They call her Ms. K. Her assistant's name is Miss Ashley Johns. Diego has a few friends that he mentions now and then. Carolina is his most consistently talked about friend.

Diego was granted a spot at SCPA for Kindergarten next year. We were able to enter a lottery in the hopes of getting a spot at the most sought after magnet schools because his assigned neighborhood school has a failing grade on the Ohio report card. Carolina is going to SCPA next year, too. Jason and I are discussing the possibility of getting them in the same class to make his transition easier for him. I don't know if they do such things.

Violet is showing growing interest in potty training. She removes her clothing and diaper so often that it causes us agitation. Mostly because she has been known to pee on the floor or on the furniture! More often she is getting it in the potty. She has even been using the potty for more weighty movements, which is always a thrill.