Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have been feeding Diego his own little mini banana in the morning for a few weeks now. He loves it. And he will say "banana". He says it right when I give it to him, after I say it. But he won't keep it up indefinitely like a little parrot. He just gives it to me once or twice and then eats his banana. If you have the computer capability, scroll down the page to see a video of him eating his banana in the kitchen.

He started saying "balloon" many months ago. And just started saying that again. He won't say it over and over again but will tentatively try it out when playing with the balloon we got from Value City.

He chatters quite a bit everyday and it sounds more and more like words and sentences. The inflection and pausing is just so, that it is convincing and he sounds almost like he is speaking a language other than English.