Sunday, May 22, 2011

Violet has two new teeth. The two next to her bottom front teeth. She loves to sit and look at picture books. She is so enamored with her brother and will do just about anything he puts her up to doing... I try to remind myself that is cute.

We signed up for a YMCA membership. So expensive but hopefully worth it. Diego has four weeks of swimming lessons starting May 31st. I so hope he enjoys that. Will be his first organized activity.

I signed Diego up for Preschool for the fall. He is on the waiting list for a Montessori program. If he doesn't get into that I won't send him because the only other options are too costly. I signed him up for a special needs class with CPS only because that was the only option that we could afford but we aren't going to send him to that. The registration will just hold his place with CPS so we can switch him if/when he gets into Winton Montessori.

The special needs class has four average students and 8 special needs children of practically any variety and only two adults (1 teacher and 1 aid). Um. That could be okay but I think it is unlikely to be a good option for him.

Violet says:
Elmo (MoMo)
meow (ow)
more (mow wah)
wow wow (as in wow wow wubbzy)