Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Voting

We took Diego downtown with us to vote. We stood in line for about 30 minutes. Diego did really well and I took him into the booth with me. Historic occasion!

Afterwards, we took him to Children's Hospital to have a blood draw. They took it from his right arm while Jason held him and I looked on trying not to freak out. The nurse was really fast and efficient. It was for a lead test the doctor ordered since we live in a high risk home.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

popped two new teeth

His number 3 canines recently. I noticed it this morning. He's also been loving himself in the mirror! Too cute. Yesterday, we met Gramma Julie at the Toyota dealership because I needed to have some maintenance done on the Scion before Deb, Brian, Diego and I go to West Virginia. It was pouring down rain. We went for lunch at Applebees. Diego was driving the fuss bus over the speed limit without a seat belt. It all turned out alright but my nerves were shot, when all was said and done. I need to be more vigilant about eating breakfast and not just drinking coffee all morning.

Toyota gave me some bad news about my brakes. They were at five percent so the total bill was gonna be $450!! So the car is still there now and I have to pick it up today. 30,000 mile service, spark plugs and new front brake pads. Thank goodness I had a check from Mercy hospital waiting for me at Grandpa and Laura's place. I guess I overpaid for my colonoscopy and they cut me a refund check. Well, there goes that moolah! Oh well, safety first.

Deb works at an autopart store and said my brake pads only cost about $17 and Brian could have put them on for free. ACK! I am not used to being around car fixing types. Jason and I helpless on that front.

So Mom and I killed time getting fancy coffee drinks while Diego napped in the back seat. After getting high on caffeine and sugar, we strolled through Value City Furniture and let Diego run around in there. He loved it. They gave him a balloon. I got an appointment for them to come look at my new couch which has developed a pronounced sag. If they can't fix it we have to pick out a different one because they discontinued said saggy couch. Wonder why?

Then we went to the thrift store and looked at sweaters because this San Diego family is lacking warm clothes and the temperature is dropping.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

high five

Diego did a high five with us. It was precious. He was so tickled by our excitement that he just kept laughing and laughing and doing it again and again.

He loves to spin in circles. He does it all the time. He's so mellow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Gramma Julie watched Diego for us so we could go see a movie yesterday. That was really nice. Jason and I saw "Hancock" and then had lunch together. We also got to run some errands at Walmart and Lowes. Ah the simple things are even simpler when you have a babysitter! Yay!

Diego is doing very well. He is running and jumping and on the verge of talking. He says a three words that we recognize. Momma, DaDa and dog. Gramma said he almost said fish yesterday. He babbles quite a lot and it sounds like sentences. He is practicing inflection. He communicates mostly by gesturing. My feeble attempts at sign language haven't been very successful. He has used the sign for hungry though.

Yesterday, Jason got up with Diego and let me sleep in until 9:30am. Heavenly. Jason said that Diego got a clean diaper and slapped it on his chest. Big communication there!