Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventures on the River

Thursday is Jason's usual day off so we always try to do something fun. Last week we went to Eden Park to watch a free Jazz concert and play by the fountain. We had a good time but we were out pretty late.

This time we started out the afternoon with a drive down to Covington to use a groupon at some bar and grill. We missed our exit and had to drive around and around to get back on 75S at the right point to get it again. When we finally made it we were so hungry and cranky. This was especially exciting because upon arrival we noticed the place was 18 and up so we couldn't use our groupon and had to spring for lunch at Cock and Bull English Pub where we ate awesome fish and chips.

After that we went home and had naps and chilled out. Later, I decided to skip yoga because of my head cold and inability to invert without excruciating sinus pain. Wanting exercise we decided to check head out to KY again. We parked at Newport on the Levee and walked across the Purple People Bridge. Then we played at International Friendship Park and Serpentine Wall. Diego had a couple of meltdowns that were pretty trying. But we had fun in between. It was fun to be under the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (Big Mac Bridge) at the neat playground they have there. I talked to another mother for a bit while Violet and her son were swinging in the baby swings. She was nice.

Diego had a freakout in the Sweet Shoppe we stopped in at the Levee. It was embarrassing to have a kid bossing for more candy while he was holding a bag of candy. He kept saying that there wasn't enough in the bag. He did the old screaming and wailing and I had to play mean mommy and regulate. He has a real issue with sugar. I can't even count the tantrums he's had while holding a special treat. But he turned it around and we had a nice ride home.

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