Friday, August 12, 2011

Four Year Check Up

Diego had his four year check up with ESD pediatrics. They did an eye test and a hearing test, which he passed. It was pretty adorable watching him cover up one eye and read the eye chart. They used pictures instead of letters. It was especially cute to watch him raise his hand when he would hear the noise in the earphones. They did the blood pressure cuff and it squeezed his arm and he looked at me like what is this? It was such a big boy event. He's 40.5 inches tall.

After that we walked over to Busken headquarters to stare at the goodies. We got some milk and a couple of doughnuts and ate at the tables in the parking lot. Very beautiful weather. That kind of weather makes me want to stay outside all day. So we went over to Aunt Deb's for an impromptu visit. The kids played really well together. Violet was really into the sidewalk chalk, drawing all over the porch. Brian can draw a really good looking sun.

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