Saturday, October 20, 2007

roll over

Diego rolled over during tummy time on Thursday. I went out to the living room in the morning so Jay could sleep in a little on his day off. I usually do tummy time first thing in the morning because Diego is in a good mood when he first wakes up. Also because it wears him out so he'll go down for a nap so I can cook some breakfast. Well, as soon as I put him down, he rolled over pretty much immediately. None of that grunting and struggling he usually does. It was as if it was no big deal. He was happy as a clam. Later on in the day when I tried it again, he couldn't figure out how to go over. And he hasn't done it since. He tries so hard and gets so frustrated that it takes me awhile to soothe him once I pick him up. He sticks his little booty in the air and rubs his little face on the blanket and tries so hard to go over.

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