Thursday, January 3, 2008

mesh feeder

I have been giving Diego apple slices in his mesh feeder. He can't get anything but the flavor out of it and it is supposed to help soothe his gums. He loves to gnaw on that thing and is getting the hang of holding it himself. I think he is ready for foods other than breast milk now but I still am going to wait until he is six months to give him cereal. His doctor firmly suggested that it was best to stick to just breast milk for the first six months. I have read a lot of stuff that says that is best also so I shall wait! Plus, Jason and I are really scared of the stinky diapers that come along with food! Icky. Right now his diapers are just fine by me.

He is getting really good at sitting up on his own. He still falls over if he tries to move around too much... got to work on his balance. But he is coming along really well. It is gonna be wild to see him sitting up on his own and crawling!!! I just don't know what that will be like. Seems like it will be both a relief and yet sad that he is becoming less dependent on me.

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