Monday, March 3, 2008

wild animal park and first kiss

On Saturday, we all went to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. We went with the Millers and with Mike and Malinda (his girlfriend). Diego did so well. He just rode in his stroller and took it all in. I really think he had a nice time. The weather was perfect. It was overcast, so it was cool and the sun wasn't blinding us.

He didn't cry at all until we got on the tram tour and I was holding him. He wanted to nurse. So I nursed him while we road around looking at giraffes and leopards and all. First time nursing him in public. I can't believe I have gone seven months without nursing in public. I have nursed him in the car a couple of times because he was throwing a fit in the store.

Last night, we were having a cookout at the Miller's. Leslie's friend, Kaitlin brought over her daughter. Jordan is turning a year old at the end of this month. Diego and Jordan played together on the floor for a long time. It was so fun to watch. Jordan kept kissing him. She also kept trying to hit him on top of his head with his own toys, but you take the good with the bad. He didn't seem to mind at all. After awhile, he got really bold and kept trying to tackle her when she had her back to him.

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