Sunday, January 18, 2009


Little Brian has been in the hospital for about five days now. He's been having trouble breathing. They though it was bronchitis. Then they thought it was asthma. Then they thought it was pneumonia. After an xray, they noticed a mass in his chest around his trachea. So his family doctor sent him to emergency at Children's Hospital. He has been through a lot already. CT scans (2) and a PET scan and three IV placements (ouch).

His spirits are high and he is playing and exploring. Children's is totally set up for playing and exploring. Their room is right across the hall from a playroom decked out with toys, games, books, and dvds.

He has a biopsy tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. He is sort of on standby for that, he may or may not get in. If this is your first time hearing about it, I am truly sorry for you to have to find out this way. Deborah is beside herself and is doing her best to keep it together.

Children's has a resource where parents can create a website with updates so people can log on and check it out. I don't think they have had a chance to set up their site yet but they plan to do that.

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