Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yesterday, they did an xray on Brian and thought that his mass was shrinking. So they canceled OR (operating room) and ordered another CT. I got to sit with him through the CT because it was unsafe for Deb's pregnancy. He did so well, I was amazed. He cried and needed coaching but he really stayed still.

They had to put in a new IV earlier that day and he cried but stayed really still. I never would have imagined a two year old to be able to stay still for something that he KNEW was going to hurt. He's already had them put in like four or five IVs so he really did know it was gonna hurt and he kept trying to talk them out of it. It just about killed us all to see it. The bottom picture is right after they put in the new IV. We were trying to cheer him up. He loves the camera.

He is so smart.

So the oncologist who canceled the biopsy and ordered the CT said he didn't think it was cancer and that he thought it was something called Histoplasmosis. That is a fungal infection that can be very serious or can clear up on its own.

So we were ecstatic! It was like a weight being lifted off our chests. And even though Brian was NPO (which means he was not allowed anything to eat or drink ALL DAY!), we had a really good day. Until the CT results came back and showed that the mass hadn't shrunk, it actually had just moved and may have even grown or just changed shape. So the biopsy has been rescheduled as an add on for FRIDAY! Another add on. They had him as an add on for Tuesday and he fasted all day and it was miserable. Then they didn't even get him in! That is such a freaking nightmare to have to tell a two year old he can't eat or drink. Then he has to be hooked up to an IV and it catches on everything and about gives you a heart attack every time he decides to sprint - which is about every five seconds.

Deb could really use some phone calls and visitors. If you think you are gonna be bothering her, you won't be. Send her a card or give her a call! Her room is 546 building A.

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