Monday, January 26, 2009


Brian is back in his room. His surgery went smoothly. They say the results could take two weeks! TWO WEEKS!

Brian is in pain and they are giving him morphine to manage it. There is a chest tube sticking out of his side to help with drainage and to allow them access to go back inside if he gets an infection. They say recovery could take a couple of days (more or less depending on him).

They took a piece of the shell of the mass. They said the shell was hard like a basketball. And then they cleaned out the inside of it which was full of "gunk". I don't know much about that. But it sounds like that could make it easier for him to breathe once the inflammation from the surgery goes down. I suppose they can't just take the thing out until they know what it is.

Sorry, I don't have more info for you but after the shock of the post-op wears off, I am sure I 'll be able to suss out more.

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