Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Roasted Broccoli

Last night, I roasted some broccoli and it was divine. So much better than steamed. Diego loved it. He kept picking up a different piece and eating all the little blooms off the ends and putting it down to pick up a new piece. He didn't want much to do with the fake chikkin cordon bleu thingy on the plate.

I bought him a pack of crayons the other day at Kroger and he is obsessed with them. He holds them like a magic wand or something. He can't get the grip right to apply pressure and it makes him a little cranky. But he keeps trying.

We met a new pediatrician yesterday in Hyde Park. He was pretty cool and I think we will stick with him. The two docs we have met in Cinci before him were just okay, and way to far away. So this is just perfect. I hate meeting new docs but this went really well. He was engaging and chatty. He didn't seem rushed. He seemed interested in Diego and good with him.

Diego is 22lbs and 32 inches tall! He is in 50% for height and 10% for weight (I think). All in all, the doc says he's doing well. And the fact that he isn't a picky eater is astounding but it may not last!

I had to return his car seat that I searched high and low for because it doesn't fit well in our car. So frustrating. He has just about outgrown his infant seat so the search is on! I am looking at the Boulevard by Britax but it is so expensive even on sale! Grandpa N. and Laura bought it for us off our registry and I had to return it because it wasn't suitable for Diego as a newborn. It was supposed to fit 5lbs to 65lbs but he just looked so small in it and I wasn't comfortable. So I exchanged it for the infant seat (Go GRACO Safeseat!) and the stroller package, which worked out really well for us and we are still using it and will likely be able to use it for baby number two.

Oh and I got a potty seat for Diego. You are supposed to introduce a seat at 18 months so they get used to seeing it. He loves it but he thinks it is best for standing in at this point!

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