Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Potty Training

Diego has shown new interest in potty training. We got him a little seat with Sesame Street characters on it that you place on top of the toilet. He likes that a little better than the little potty chairs that he likes to put his toys in... hopefully he doesn't start putting his toys in the commode.

I printed out a potty training chart and Jason bought some star stickers like the teachers put on your tests and homework when you do well. He loves them. Today, he pooped on the bathroom floor (Jason was on duty (doody) so I am not quite sure what happened there). And a few minutes ago, he put himself on the toilet and pooped! Diego, not Jason. It was pretty awesome. Yesterday, he peed in the potty twice. He has been doing that here and there for about a week or so. Exciting but I am determined not to rush him. He's really getting good at taking off his pants and his diaper.

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