Friday, September 28, 2007

Emily Lynn

Diego's cousin was born on September 25, 2007. Yeah! Nicole is back at home now with Abbey. We wish her luck and fast recovery. It must be so challenging having a toddler and a newborn baby at the same time! I hope Abbey adjusts well to having a little scene stealer to share the stage with.

Oh and isn't she adorable? Jason sent me that on my cell phone while I was driving back from the tide pools at Cabrillo with my mom and Sue. I took a glance assuming it was Diego and passed it to my mom. We were all fooled for a minute that it was Diego. When I parked up by the lighthouse, I looked at it again to see if Jason had written a message for me regarding Diego's milk supply I left with him... and I said, "Wait, that is not my baby!" How embarrassing to mistake someone's newborn baby for your own 2 month old child. Well. They do look alike and in my own defense, I was driving a very winding road along the side of a cliff.

The visit was good. I think I packed a little too much sightseeing in because I am sick and totally exhausted. We all got sick actually. I am looking forward to resting and getting better.

Jason spend pretty much all afternoon on his own with Diego on Monday and Tuesday. I thought I would really enjoy having a break away from breastfeeding and just being a single person again. But I found myself missing him and wondering what he was doing and this was only a few hours away from him. I was surprised by this. Maybe that sounds stupid to all those seasoned Mom's out there. But I am pretty independent and I never really dreamed about Motherhood the way a lot of women do. So I guess I thought I could spend a few hours away from Diego and not feel torn like that. I guess I was wrong.

I know Jason is taking it pretty hard having to go back to work and leaving us here to fend for ourselves. He really wants to be apart of every moment. He is adjusting well but I can tell he is sad leaving us every morning and he calls to check on us so often and wants updates updates updates!

I may be going back to work October 22nd. I was offered a half-time substitute Clerk position that is four days a week - 20 hours. Saturday 6 hours. Sunday 5 hours. Monday 5 hours. Wednesday 4 hours. We might be able to swing that. But it is gonna suck big time! I wish we could afford otherwise. But it is really expensive to live out here and on one income it is too hard.

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