Monday, October 8, 2007

heads up

Diego has been holding his head up very steadily for probably over a week now. He likes to be pulled up into a sit gently by his arms. If you count it out he anticipates it and helps pull himself up. He's such a strong boy. He is still enjoying standing and he even tries to bounce himself up and down. He's not that good at it yet.

Tummy time is still a struggle. He grunts and sort of whimpers but when I pick him up, he cries. It is as if he wasn't done yet. If I wait too long, he'll cry. If I pick him up too soon, he'll cry. The doc said he is almost ready to roll over so I am waiting for that magic moment.

I have been showing him this little cloth baby book. He loves it. He'll stare at it for a really long time.

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