Sunday, October 14, 2007

in the market for infant toys

diego is ready for some toys i think. i think he would like some kind of activity mat. i have been letting him work out his abs by laying him down on the floor on his back. i dangle a toy over his head to stimulate him a little. he likes to lift his legs a lot and his muscles are getting stronger and stronger. it would be nice to find a good mat that could dangle toys over him and keep him entertained so i could cook dinner or do the dishes instead of hold a toy over his face. anyone have a good one that worked for their baby? there are too many to choose from, my mnd boggles and some are really expensive for what they are. this one looks good but i don't really know.

we got him this chair from and he is just starting to tug on the toys. seeing him do that just about blew my mind. when we first got it he wasn't interested at all. now he can sit entertained for at least 15 to 30 minutes and that really makes for a happy momma. it is hard to keep a baby entertained all day long.

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