Monday, February 4, 2008

Diego's 2nd tooth

I noticed Diego's second tooth broke through on Saturday. 2/2/08. He is doing well with eating solids. It has changed his patterns a bit. For example, yesterday, he didn't have a poop all day. That worries me a bit, but I know they say it is normal. He went first thing this morning so I know he's okay.

The thing I don't understand is, if they know rice cereal is so binding, why do they recommend that you start with that instead of something like oatmeal? Diego is having his checkup on Wednesday so I will get to bombard the doc with lots of Questions.

He has a lot of bumps on his thighs and his sides. They aren't red or anything but I can feel them. They feel scratchy or coarse. I have been putting lotion on him to try to help it go away and they feel better but not gone.

Jay took him to Mark and Leslie's yesterday to watch the Superbowl, while I cooked for Kim and Smokey. I guess he was a bit of a fussy boy so he ended up coming back after a couple of hours. I think Diego really likes to be at home. He fusses whenever we go over there.

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