Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun times out and about

Marissa and Renate came and went. On Thursday, Marissa and Diego and I went to the park with her dogs and walked around to tire them out. Then we went to Jyoti-Bihanga
for old time's sake. Marissa, Jason and I used to go there a lot together when she lived here. Diego sat in a high chair and had a blast. It was heaven. I never pictured us sitting in Jyoti together with my baby in 2008! Well, Diego was the life of the party. Our waiter couldn't get enough of him. He kept getting down on the floor to talk to him. Swore that Diego looked exactly like his nephew, Dennis.

A lady from another table got up to say that Diego was so "well-behaved" and then chatted him up for a bit. She had a big stain from lunch on her shirt. I thought that they could relate with each other on that point but she didn't choose to mention it.

Then another member of the kooky waitstaff came over to "get in on the fun", as she put it. She was fascinated with Diego's mesh feeder and had a lot of questions about it. Then she told us that in Mexico, they give teething babies green onions to gnaw on. She said the spiciness makes the pain "dormant". She pantomimed babies gnawing on stalks of green onions. It was funny.

Marissa got the neat loaf and mashed potatoes out of obligation to the old days. I got the tempeh reuben and loved it! Then we went back to the hotel to check on Renate because she wasn't feeling well. We hung out there with Diego and had a nice time. Then we went to see Jason and hung out home for awhile. Around dinner time, we left Diego to go to sleep and headed to the Crest Cafe in Hillcrest. We ate sandwiches and Renate got the check and ordered Jason something to go. A pesto veggie sammies with delicious baked fries. He gobbled it up.

On friday, Marissa and I went to the Vegan Zone in Pacific Beach and got the most beige breakfast ever. We ordered home fries and they delivered french fries and we were appalled. We got "chicken" and pancakes and they were dismal. They gave her instant coffee for two dollars and no amount of soymilk and sugar could salvage it. Then we went to the Zoo with Diego. He was very good. We had dinner at Sipz without Diego and Jason and brought Jason home some Kung Pao - his favorite.

Saturday, Marissa and Renate brought over some bagels to go with my tofu/veg and fried potatoes. We ate and talked and looked at pictures. We took turns playing with Diego. Then they drove back up the coast to leave me sad without my pal. Diego took to Marissa and Renate very well. I was so happy.

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Renate said...

this was the weekend i fell for diego!
no more giggling and smiling or else i'm done for!
xoxo, marissa