Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forgot my camera!

Jason and I went down to Kentucky with Diego to visit with Katherine and Laura at their father's place in Owenton. He has a lake house and a little boat. It was so much fun. We took Diego out on the lake in the boat and he was just itching to go overboard. We had to keep a good hold on him because he really did keep trying to get in.

When we finished the boat trip, we put on our suits and got in the water. Diego was so gleeful. I put him in the little ladybug floaty seat I got for him in San Diego. After awhile though he wanted out of that seat! It was too bad because I wasn't strong enough to swim with him without that seat. The water was so deep I couldn't touch the bottom and there was no way I could let him in without some kind of life preserver. We have a life jacket for him but I forgot it at home along with my camera! I am gonna beg some pictures off Laura so maybe they will show up here someday.

It was so much fun! Thanks RON!

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