Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road Trip

We took a road trip to WV to visit with Diego's Great Grandparents and his Grandad. Aunt Debbie and Cousin Dustin came along. The road trip part went better than I expected. You just never know what you are in for when traveling with little babies and toddlers.

The visit was really great. Diego rode the tractor with Great Grandad. He played soccer with his Grandad. We ate good food and just had a really relaxing time. Diego thoroughly enjoyed munching raspberries off the bushes as fast as we could pick them.

Jason said his language developed tremendously in just the three days we were gone. I didn't really notice that myself.

His most common sentences are "OH NO!" and "I peepee." and "I need." He is also very fixated on things that are or could be hot.

Slideshow of the Trip

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