Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy Times

Been so long since I have updated! We've been having lots of fun settling into our first house! Diego has had no problems adjusting. He loves it here. We have yet to unpack fully and boxes are just becoming part of the scenery. I hardly even notice them anymore and have absolutely no desire to deal with them! But I suppose something must be done before baby number two makes her appearance.

Diego is talking talking talking. I realize now that he's been saying many of the same words for months now but I just was too dense to understand. How annoying I must be... For example, he's been saying "vacuum cleaner" for I don't know how long. It sounds something like apple doo. So forgive me, darling, for not getting it! The kid is obsessed with vacuuming. He picked out a Fisher Price toy vacuum at the second hand store around his birthday and he hasn't stopped playing with it. He still tries to talk me into getting out the real deal everyday. Sometimes I will let him vacuum with the hose and attachments, but it always ends in tears. He's so conflicted.

I would like to present a list of all the words he says but I am not sure what to include. Sometimes he will repeat words we say but doesn't really use them regularly. We wrote a list before his 2nd year check up and we came up with over a hundred words.

He has been learning his colors and I am quite amazed by this! Today, I got out a box of 24 crayons and asked him to show me this or that color and he was doing very well. I asked him which color this was and he said, "purple". Too cute. He has a little French accent sometimes.

When he points in books at objects he usually starts with "and the". Such as, "and the cloud", or "and the egg". So darling. He loves pointing out smiling beasts and anthropomorphized items and saying, "happy?" or "es happy?"

He loves his books. Especially the lift the flap style books. Though sometimes he gets a little wound up and tears the flaps right off.

He's been chasing the dogs around and menacing them quite a bit. I can't convince him that it isn't a good idea so I have to keep them locked in the basement or in their crates sometimes. It is too bad for them but it is better for all of us because I don't want Diego to get bitten.

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