Friday, January 23, 2009

Brian Rescheduled - yet again

So after being on NPO again since midnight last night, they rescheduled Brian's biopsy for Monday. Supposedly, he is actually on the list and is not on standby this time so it should really happen first thing Monday morning.

The oncologist told them today that they are still thinking it could be this fungal infection and not the c-word because his blood work came back without any tumor markers (whatever that means!). So that is really good news. I have never been so excited by the idea of a fungal infection in my whole life, though I have always been a big fan of fungus.

Hang in there, Brian. You are just the most amazing two year old I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Poor Debbie had a rough night last night with the dang IV. When I left at midnight, they had just flushed the thing and hooked up his IV and it wouldn't flow so they were gonna have to redo it. As awful as that process is, stupid third shift staff made it worse. Seems like they have a real problem with follow through over there and they make a tough situation tougher! It is a long story of back and forth but in the end they didn't finally put in a new line until 5 am after many mis-communications and ball-droppings throughout the night.

Gah!!! Give a pregnant lady with a sick toddler a break why don't they and do it right the first time. Needless to say, the patient advocate is gonna get another earful.

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